Here at Advizzo we believe in a world where everyone can use their own data to become more efficient with the energy and water they need. Our mission is to change the way that people think about using electricity, gas, water and carbon. We transform multiple data sources into helpful and actionable analytics and insights. We then add behavioural design to engage customers and help them form more sustainable behaviours. We’re working with multiple energy and water companies around the globe, but in this blog, we want to focus on our experience and expertise within the energy sector.

Since our inception in 2015, Advizzo has become established as a global SaaS leader in driving sustainable customer engagement and savings for the energy sector. The depth and breadth of skills and experience within our team would be very hard to replicate within a single energy company or consulting firm. This helps guarantee that we can deliver digital solutions and engagement programmes faster and more effectively than an energy company could achieve on its own.

Capitalizing on strong expertise from the energy sector

Together our energy specialists within the team can claim over 50 years of combined experience..The team has expertise in customer experience, pricing, smart metering, strategy, innovation, software development, data and behavioural science, and works relentlessly to design the most efficient solutions with proven results.

Engaging with 3,000,000  customers

Our solutions are currently helping almost 3 million households around the world to understand their energy and water usage better and, most importantly, offer personalised tips to help them consume energy in a more sustainable way, potentially reducing their bills – and critically, helping mitigate the increasing climate crisis. Our global energy clients include France Ekwateur (a leading challenger brand in France), new smart cities like Neom and Dubai’s DEWA, the largest energy supplier in the Middle East. Together we’re pioneering energy engagement in diverse ways and making Net Zero an ever closer reality.

Refined regional engagement strategies based on experience

Our experience working with leading energy and water companies around the world, gives our team unparalleled insights and knowledge about how regional energy challenges can be met and how to best engage customers, taking into account cultural differences and discrepancies in degrees of digital engagement but also determining common best practices. With this experience we can tailor programmes and offerings according to regional requirements, guaranteeing successful customer engagement progress and maximum impact.

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