Helping utilities engage their customers

Advizzo SaaS solutions use behavioral and data science to tap into the intrinsic motivations of each household. We do this through personalized and timely communications designed to motivate changes that reduce consumption and deliver customer satisfaction.


1 million households are currently using Advizzo white-labelled solutions

Advizzo SaaS solutions help these utilities drive better customer engagement

Some of our clients

One SaaS platform, three software solutions to address all utility challenges

Powered by your billing and meter data, as well as third party data.

Customer software

Personalised tips

Home audits

Neighbour consumption comparison

Reporting software

Savings tracking

Data insights

Campaign results

Customer service

Customer search engine

Customer search engine

Data privacy compliance & handling

Personalized customer engagement

Our customer facing software uses behavioral science to understand and trigger customer engagement.

  • Experiment with behavioral messages across multiple channels (web, email, mail)
  • Empower customers with consumption insights, including neighbor comparison data and overview of consumption
  • Provide customers with personalized tips to help them consume energy and water more sustainably

Increase digital engagement & self-servicing

Advizzo engages utility customers with relevant and motivational insights via digital channels.

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase smart meter acceptance
  • Increase digital self-servicing

Create upselling and cross-selling opportunities

Advizzo customer service agent software offers new customer insights for your team.

  • Deliver targeted communications with constantly enriched
    and cleansed customer data sets
  • Understand what motivates individual customers
  • Provide customers with relevant additional services and products via personalized tips

Advizzo combines Behavioral & Data Science in a SaaS platform

Understand what motivates your customers and change behaviour with tailored campaigns across multiple channels

Some Advizzo client stories

How do we engage your utility customers?

Saving Water Case Studies: Helping customers see the bigger picture

Advizzo partners with Southern Water to support its Water4All scheme

Yarra Valley Water, Australia – Digitizing operations and driving water savings

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Knowledge Base

Some frequently asked questions from our clients.

Does your platform create a way to communicate with our customers?

Advizzo’s solution allows for custom communication to specific customer segments, based on behavioral messages and personalized content.

Is the platform flexible?

The platform can be configured to reflect your branding, tone of voice and local culture so that your customers get a seamless experience. Talk to us to find out more about configurations available in each edition

Does your platform have an impact on customer satisfaction?

Yes. The Advizzo solution aims to improve customer satisfaction with personalized experiences for customers, tailored to their motivations. Check out our case studies to find out more

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