Our most common questions and answers.

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Do you work in both energy and water?

Yes, our platform is available for Energy (electricity and gas), Water, or the combination of the two for the end consumer.

Do you have a programme to manage cross-sell or upsell of efficient products ?

Yes, Advizzo can provide program design to generate customer insights in order to support cross-sell or upsell efficiency products based on the latest relevant customer information

Does your platform create a way to communicate with our customer ?

Advizzo solution allows for custom communications to specific customer segments, based on behavioral messages and personalized contents.

Is the platform flexible ?

The platform can be configured to reflect your branding, tone of voice and local culture so that your customers get a seamless experience. Talk to us to find out more about the configurations available in each edition

How can I monitor the results of my savings or engagement programme?

The SaaS utility portal provides savings tracking and campaigns management results

Do you have an interface for the call agents ?

Yes the SaaS platform has a utility interface for call agents to get customer insights

Is the platform white labelled ?

Yes the platform is white-labelled. It can be stand alone or seamlessly integrated within your existing environments.

Is your platform having an impact on customer satisfaction ?

Yes the Advizzo solution aims at improving customer satisfaction with personalized experiences for customers, tailored to their motivations. Check out our case studies to find out more

How can I test the solution with a pilot ?

For a short implementation time of 4 weeks, we recommend a trial with the Lite Edition. In this edition the customer portal is white-labelled but stand alone. After your trial, the Standard or Enterprise Edition allows you to go to the next level of engagement to potentially fully integrate the Advizzo software onto your existing customer and call agents portals.

Do you have APis or Widgets ?

Yes. The Enterprise Edition can be fully integrated (with API and Widgets) into your existing platforms for the consumers (the MyAccount within your website or an app) and for your staff (call agents or technicians). Contact us for a demo and a custom approach.

Do you do SSO ?

Yes. The Entreprise Edition allows SSO.

Can the Advizzo solution be integrated into our existing user management platform ?

Yes the Advizzo SaaS platform can be seamlessly integrated within an existing CRM portal

What type of data do you need ? Can you work with non-smart meter data ?

Typically we work with billing and meter data (smart meters and non smart meters), and also 3rd party data such as weather data. Check out some of our case studies to find out more

Can you work with Third Parties verification companies ?

Our measurement and verification data can be made available securely for 3rd party verification.

Do you partner with any CRM Vendor such as Salesforces or SAP or Oracle ?

The platform is CRM agnostic and we will work with you on any integration necessary. In the past Advizzo has integrated with the most common CRM platforms and we are a Salesforce integration partner.

What languages is the platform available in?

The Advizzo team can work with you to localize the platform to suit your needs. Already we’ve deployed the platform in the UK, France, Spain, UAE, Australia and the USA

How easy is it to implement the Advizzo solution ?

Depending on the Edtion, we propose a standalone solution or a fully integrated one with APIs, Widgets or even SSO. We always deploy our solution on white label, in full compliance with the Utility’ s branding guidelines and tone of voice. The length of set up depends on the Edition you choose. The fastest implementation is for the Lite Edition and the Standard Edition with 4 to 8 weeks in general . A more integrated Enterprise Edition will take a bit more time

How do you save water or energy ? How does it work ?

By combining methods from data science and behavioral science, we create meaningful feedback about household energy and water consumption, motivating more efficient use. One popular way of presenting this feedback is by combining it with ‘social norm’ messaging, helping consumers understand their consumption compared to similar households in their area. This motivating message is then complemented with personalize tips on how households can best reduce their consumption. It creates a level of social awareness regarding what is a reasonable amount of consumption, spurring the household to adjust their behaviors.

Is it a SaaS platform ? Where is my data stored ?

Advizzo is a SaaS cloud hosted platform. It is hosted on AWS.

Is the saving sustained over the time of the programme ?

Yes. Our behavioral, data science and test and experiment methods allow us to sustain the water and energy savings over time.

Are your compliant with local data handling policies ?

Yes, we are compliant with the most up to date data compliacne data handling policies. As an example, in Europe. we act under the GDPR principles.

How do you measure and verify the savings results of your programme ?

When it comes to validating the success of our solutions, we always use the most rigorous methodology. Randomized Control Trials (RCTs) is about being able to confidently determine that any effects we measure can be causally attributed to our solution.

Do you charge by Household ?

We charge by household meter

Do you charge for the technical setup ?

The Lite and Standard Editions don’t have any technical setup fees. The Enterprise Edition has bespoke integration services to fit within your IT ecosystem

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