Helping utility customers save water and energy

Advizzo’s SaaS platform uses behavioural and data science to deliver personalised home usage reports direct to utility customers. The reports are designed to trigger behavioural changes – reducing consumption and maximising water and energy savings.



Our solutions are currently enabling 1 million households
to reduce their water and energy consumption

By changing consumer habits we have helped utility companies save on average 3% on energy and water consumption.

One SaaS platform, three software solutions to address all utility challenges

Powered by your billing and meter data, as well as third party data.

Customer software
Neighbour consumption comparison
Personalised tips
Home audits

Reporting software
Campaign results
Savings tracking
Data insights

Customer service software
Customer search engine
Data privacy compliance & handling
Neighbour consumption comparison

Help customers reduce water & energy usage

Our customer facing software achieves maximum behavioural change through personalised data, messages and solutions.

  • Neighbour comparison stats
  • Personalised tips based on consumption data 
  • High level overview of usage from personalised survey
  • Home survey

Track campaign results

Advizzo’s reporting software provides utilities with a powerful business intelligence/reporting tool to monitor and report on a campaign’s success.

  • Campaign insights: Gain insights into customer engagement
  • Savings tracking: Track energy and water savings
    and other behavioural experiments
  • Data insights: Better understand your customer’s behaviour

Improve the quality of your services 

Our team and customer service agent software provides clear customer data and insights, optimising opportunities for engagement.

  • Use the Customer Search Engine to quickly identify the customer part of an engagement programme
  • Empower customers to take action by revealing usage anomalies through consumption comparisons with similar households
  • Ensure compliance with local data privacy policies (opt out etc)

Advizzo’s SaaS solution uses Behavioural & Data Science

We use your billing and meter data combined with third party data to empower
your customers to make changes, and ultimately save water and energy

Dubai electricity water Advizzo

“We are doing pioneering work in the UAE, working with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) to help them reduce water and electricity consumption by 30% by 2030”

Patrice Guillouzic, CEO, Advizzo

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Knowledge Base

Some frequently asked questions from our clients.

How do you save water or energy? How does it work?

By combining methods from behavioural and data science, we create meaningful feedback about household energy and water consumption, motivating more efficient use. One popular way of presenting this feedback is by combining it with ‘social norm’ messaging, helping consumers understand their consumption compared to similar households in their area. This motivating message is then complemented with personalised tips on how households can best reduce their consumption. It creates a level of social awareness about a reasonable amount of consumption, spurring the household to adjust their behaviours.

Do you work in both energy and water?

Yes, our platform is available for energy (electricity and gas), water, or a combination of the two for the end consumer.

How do you measure and verify the savings facilitated by your programme?

When it comes to validating the success of our solutions, we use rigorous methodology. Randomised Control Trials (RCTs) mean that any effects we measure can be causally attributed to our solution with confidence.

How can I monitor the results of my savings or engagement programme?

The SaaS utility portal provides savings tracking and campaign management results

Is the saving sustained over the duration of the programme?

Yes. Our behavioural and data science, and test and experiment methods, allow us to sustain water and energy savings over time. Our oldest program has been running since 2016 and we continue to see improvement in consumer behaviour, year in year out.


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