Improving operations for utility companies

Advizzo’s SaaS platform integrates three software solutions in one platform. Our solutions combine behavioral and data science to improve operations across your organization.


Advizzo’s SaaS platform is currently serving
1 million households

We deliver engaging consumption reports tailored to individual customers, designed to trigger behavioral changes

Some of our clients

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One SaaS platform, three software solutions to address all utility challenges

Powered by your billing and meter data, as well as third party data.

Customer software

Personalised tips

Home audits

Neighbour consumption comparison

Reporting software

Savings tracking

Data insights

Campaign results

Customer service

Customer search engine

Customer search engine

Data privacy compliance & handling

Deliver customer insights

Advizzo helps utility companies better understand their customers consumption and what motivates them to change behavior.

  • Support customer service agents with individual customer insights
  • Experiment and test different behavioral messages to customers across different channels
  • Measure marketing campaign results and adapt content accordingly

Digitalization & Technology Adoption

Reduce your costs and increase smart meter acceptance with our bespoke digitalization solutions.

    • Increase customer adoption of new technologies and services

<li”>Motivate customers to put measures in place to save water and energy

  • Improve your margins with increased customer self-servicing


Improve customer data management

Advizzo uses a combination of data and behavioral science to help utilities improve direct customer engagement.

  • Enrich your meter and billing data with third party data
  • Segment customers in groups based on their behavioral traits
  • Track individuals consumption savings

One SaaS platform, multiple solutions

For your customers, your customer service agents, your team and yourself!

Some Advizzo client stories

How do we engage your utility customers?

Saving Water Case Studies: Helping customers see the bigger picture

Advizzo partners with Southern Water to support its Water4All scheme

Yarra Valley Water, Australia – Digitizing operations and driving water savings

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Knowledge Base

Some frequently asked questions from our clients.

Can you help me promote other efficiency products and services to my customers?

Yes, depending on the data available, Advizzo can help promote other efficiency services.

Do you have an interface for customer service agents?

Yes, the SaaS platform has a utility interface for customer service agents to obtain customer insights

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innovation at your utility company?

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