Advizzo is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Northumbrian Water in the UK – supporter by the Breakthrough Challenge. Northumbrian Water provides mains water and sewerage services across the North East. It also supplies water as Essex and Suffolk Water.

The company’s goal is to be the national leader in the provision of sustainable water and waste water services. Its mission is to deliver clean, clear water and great tasting water. As such, it has introduced its Treatment to Tap initiative – based on real-time water quality insights, which it will obtain from its network of water quality (WQ) and leakage management sensors and analytics software. By the end of the project this will be Europe’s largest integrated network of sensors.

As part of the initiative, Advizzo will be working with Northumbrian Water to deliver a behavioural science based customer engagement research programme to assess how best to engage and support residential customers with real-time WQ insight. The programme will be designed to not only encourage behavioural changes but also deliver bespoke insights relating to an individual household’s water quality.

Advizzo’s behavioural science based approach to customer engagement and communication will be key to creating relevant and personalised insights to better inform customers about their WQ. Our programmes are proven to improve customer engagement and satisfaction, and Northumbrian Water hopes that the project will become an exemplary business model that other water companies can learn and benefit from.

Alan Brown, Head of Water Quality at Northumbrian Water, said:

Assuring good water quality for our customers is crucial. This innovative project will give us new insight and visibility of water quality as it travels from treatment works to customer tap, allowing us to proactively meet our customers’ expectations. Northumbrian Water and our partners are making smart networks a reality.”

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