The findings of a recent assessment of customers engaged in Advizzo’s Customer Engagement Programs, demonstrate that providing utility customers with personalized tips and advice on how to reduce energy and water consumption, produces a clear shift in customer engagement with their utilities and motivates behavioral changes that can produce water and energy savings of up to 3% a year.

“The results clearly demonstrate that personalized insights into energy and water consumption creates an incredible opportunity for utilities to re-engage with their customers and influence their consumption patterns and decisions.” Patrice Guillouzic, CEO, Advizzo

Advizzo’s Behavioral Program combines an Saas platform with data science and behavioral science to engage with water and utility company customers through targeted behavioral messages and usage insights.

The results of the assessment were incredibly encouraging:

  • 90% of households completed our online survey – providing valuable detail and data relating to their homes. This data helps us drive more personalized saving tips and purchasing recommendations which will assist utilities in their decarbonization goals.
  • 90% of respondents recalled receiving the Home Report.
  • 37% said they’d gone as far as sharing their Reports with family and friends.
  • 65% changed their behavior in order to reduce electricity and water consumption
  • 87% of respondents said that as a result of our Home Reports, they had taken steps to reduce their energy and water consumption.
  • 47% had seen a reduction in energy and water consumption in their next bill.


“This is a fantastic result. For Advizzo it demonstrates the success of our program. We’ve achieved customer engagement, behavioral change and reduced water and energy consumption. And with such a large response to the survey we now have a whole host of additional data relating to individual households that, together with our clients, we can use to achieve even greater results and savings going forward.” Julien Lancha, Chief Customer Officer, Advizzo

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