In 2017, Advizzo began working with South East Water (SEW) on a behavioral science-based customer engagement program. Over the course of the three years, the program has successfully achieved a significant water saving across the customer base involved. SEW was keen to explore whether further water efficiency gains could be achieved with a new engagement program working with Advizzo that specifically targets its customers with smart meters installed.


Drivers for change

SEW supplies water to 2.2m people in the South East of England. Like all regulated water companies in the UK, SEW has customer driven targets to reduce household consumption.


Advizzo has been working with SEW to achieve its reduction in water usage target with a three year customer engagement program. The program involves sending personalized Water Use Reports to bill payers, designed specifically to drive new behaviors that will reduce water consumption through personal feedback related to household water usage.  Now, through a partnership with Xylem, a leading global water technology company, Advizzo has been asked to turn its attention to SEW’s smart meter customers.

A SMART approach to reducing water usage

Our new program builds on SEW’s own trials to understand the benefits of smart meters in reducing water consumption and in building operational efficiency gains.


To demonstrate the viability of a behavioral science approach to customer engagement, Advizzo will send monthly Water Use Reports to a random group of 1,500 SEW customers with smart meters. The program will take a Sequential Multi-Assignment Randomization Trial (SMART) approach. This involves splitting the customers into three groups. Each group will receive a different treatment (type of report) monthly based on their usage. Results will be monitored and if progress (i.e. water reduction) is achieved, then the treatment will remain the same. If the treatment is not having the desired effect, then an alternative treatment (report) will be trialled until optimal results are achieved and water consumption is reduced across the group.


Advizzo and SEW are keen to understand whether a SMART approach results in Per Capita Consumption (PCC) savings versus a control group, and whether a specific intervention works better for a specific sub-set of customers. Of course, we are also excited to see if we can build on the previous reduction figures that we have already achieved for SEW.


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About Xylem

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