Yarra Valley Water is the largest of Melbourne’s three water retailers. In October 2020, the water company is launching a new initiative with Advizzo to demonstrate that customer engagement, using behavioral science techniques, can decrease water consumption for customers with digital water meters – thereby increasing water conservation.


Headquartered in Melbourne’s east, Yarra Valley Water’s service area covers 4,000 square kilometres. Every day more than 2 million people (around 30 percent of the state’s population) and 58,000 businesses rely on Yarra Valley Water’s water and sanitation services.


Melbournians are already using 22 percent less water than they were ten years ago, but Melbourne’s population is set to double, and scientists are also predicting more extreme droughts in the future. Yarra Valley Water is keen to find new ways to improve its water network, reduce household water consumption and improve water conservation.


Yarra Valley Water, in combination with Advizzo software, is launching a new customer engagement initiative, initially aimed at targeting Yarra Valley Water customers that have digital water meters.


The water company is keen to capitalize on Advizzo’s proven behavorial science based customer engagement program, which delivers an additional 1-3% water savings. As part of the program, which launches in October, Yarra Valley Water customers with digital water meters will receive a personalized water use report and access to a bespoke web portal, with messages designed to encourage behavorial changes that will ultimately reduce water consumption and bills.


Raghu Bharadwaj, Digital Metering Program Director, Yarra Valley Water commented:

“Small changes today will help secure water supplies for current and future generations of Victorians. We are very keen to demonstrate that a digital water meter roll-out is the way forward, and we are excited at the prospect that Advizzo’s customer engagement program can deliver additional water savings and assist our business case for digital metering.”

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