Advizzo is delighted to have been awarded the “efficient solution” label by the Solar Impulse Foundation. The Foundation, established by Bertrand Piccard, identifies clean and profitable solutions that can be implemented on a large scale to help achieve carbon neutrality objectives and protect the environment.

The Foundation has created a free-access database showcasing 1000 clean and profitable solutions from all over the world. The Solution Explorer’s user-friendly filtering tool allows businesses, public authorities and individuals to find appropriate environmental solutions based on sectors, clients, applications, environmental benefits and technologies.

To be included in the Solution Explorer database, solutions are assessed and verified according to their environmental and economic performance and scalability potential by a panel of independent experts.

The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label that we have been awarded serves as a credible marker of quality to decision makers in the organisations we are seeking to partner with and help.

Patrice Guillouzic. CEO Advizzo commented,

This is recognition that we are a global player and that our platform and solutions can help reduce water and energy consumption in line with net zero goals. The label also recognizes that our plug and play OPEX based solution offers our partners a profitable customer engagement tool which would require significant resource and investment to replicate in-house.”

An expert adjudicator from the judging panel concluded,

Each client has definite economic incentive by using the Advizzo service. A measurement of their consumption pattern in real time and the assisted ways in which they can further reduce their consumption or reduce wastage has a direct impact on their utility bill each month. The associated change based on behavioral insights will lead to long-term optimized and responsible consumption which is direct saving to client over a long-term.”