The UK’s plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 underscores the urgent need for reliable information and support for consumers transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs). By understanding future EV buyers, engaging with them directly, and providing essential education, utilities can play a pivotal role in accelerating EV adoption. This includes targeted marketing to promote their EV charging solutions, leasing options, and tailored tariff plans. In this blog we explore this idea in more detail and explain how utilities can tap into the power of data and behavioural science to target market the right customers with the right messages. 

Growing interest in EVs

In 2021, Ofgem reported that almost one in four (24%) consumers plan to buy an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid within the next five years. This positive outlook was reinforced by a survey from Consumer Intelligence (CI) in the same year, which revealed that “the majority of UK motorists would consider switching to an EV for their next car purchase.”

The CI poll highlighted gender differences in the confidence levels regarding the adoption of EVs. Men were more likely to express a definite intention to switch, with 23% responding affirmatively, compared to 17% of women. Despite these figures, many drivers of both genders showed openness to the idea, albeit with reservations. Sixty percent of female drivers indicated they would consider an EV, compared to 56% of male motorists, while only one-fifth of all drivers ruled out the option entirely.

Addressing consumer concerns

For those surveyed by CI who were either opposed to or undecided about purchasing an EV, several key concerns emerged. These included access to charging points, the cost of the vehicle, and the inconvenience of charging during long journeys. Ofgem’s findings echoed the same barriers: high prices (59%), limited battery life and short range (38%), and the lack of convenient home charging options (36%).

The strategic role of utilities

The journey towards widespread EV adoption involves overcoming consumer concerns and utilities can play a critical role. By addressing issues related to cost, charging infrastructure and battery technology, and leveraging their position as trusted partners, utilities can help drive the shift to electric vehicles, benefiting consumers and contributing to a sustainable future. 

How Advizzo can help 

Behavioural science based customer engagement programmes, like ours, are fast becoming a game-changer in educating energy customers and driving the adoption of EVs. By leveraging a variety of communication channels, we can deliver crucial information relating to EVs and can ensure that the right information reaches the right customer at the right time.

The importance of customer segmentation

Customer segmentation is a critical part of our programmes. It involves categorising customers into distinct groups based on specific traits or factors. By understanding the needs of certain customer groups, energy companies can tailor their marketing messages and sales efforts in order to increase campaign success and conversion rates.

How do we segment your customers to understand who might be interested in an EV in the next 5 years? It all starts with data. We can help you to collate and combine historic and real time billing and meter data with data collected from our home surveys and audits, as well as relevant third party data. With the help of data science modelling we can extract valuable insights relating to individual customers, their households, their consumption patterns and their behaviours. 

We then apply the behavioural science based theory of ‘nudging’ to all our customer engagement programmes – with proven success. Nudging is based on the theory that people are often unable to make good decisions when they lack experience, context, knowledge, or are overcome with inertia. It can make target marketing of promotions, advice, complementary or additional services far more successful.

How will you educate and inform your customers to encourage them to take up your EV offerings? Let us help you build on the solid foundation that you already possess – your data – and engage your customers with appropriate and meaningful insights and information to help them make the changes that our planet needs. Get in touch today!

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Contact: Julien Lancha