Advizzo is delighted to be working alongside Citycare Water in New Zealand to help the country’s water customers to better understand and reduce their water consumption. 

Citycare Water is New Zealand’s largest and most trusted water provider. It maintains over 20,000kms of piping networks to 25% of properties throughout the country and is a leading provider of digital networks and smart metering solutions across New Zealand. 

Citycare has joined forces with Advizzo to leverage the opportunity that smart meters deliver in increasing and improving engagement with water company customers to help them understand their water consumption and reduce it to preserve resources.

 “Citycare is excited to announce our partnership with Advizzo in providing water utilities with a comprehensive customer engagement and sustainable water usage insights platform” says Kevin Leith, Head of Strategy & Growth, Citycare Water. 

Citycare Water has proven expertise in designing and building scalable water telemetry IoT network solutions. Advizzo’s customer engagement platform uses data insights and behavioral science in providing householders with targeted sustainable water usage messaging, Citycare’s partnership with Advizzo brings to New Zealand a powerful technology solution to help improve customer engagement and drive sustainable behaviors across the country.

 Julien Lancha, Chief Customer Officer from Advizzo comments,

“We absolutely welcome this opportunity to work alongside Citycare to help optimize the deployment of smart water meters and promote a shift in understanding and values around water consumption through behavioral science based personalized communications and recommendations.”

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