Advizzo is delighted to be partnering with project lead Citycare Water in supporting Wellington Water and South Wairarapa District Council in New Zealand with its smart meter roll-out program. Advizzo’s customer engagement platform will provide the 600 customers involved in the pilot project with information on their household’s daily water use, water saving tips, as well as water use comparisons to similar households. 

Wellington Water and South Wairarapa District Council are undertaking the residential smart water meter trial in Greytown, New Zealand, to look at how smart meters can help them better manage their water. 

Demand for water could outstrip supply in the region by as early as 2026, with the population growth rate having exceeded earlier forecasts. The average household water use in the Wellington Metropolitan Region is more than 200 litres per person per day. That is significantly higher than other major cities such as Auckland, at about 160 litres per person, and Melbourne which averages 150 litres per person1.

Approximately 40 percent of South Wairarapa treated and supplied water is lost due to leaks in water pipes. It is hoped that with access to more data relating to household water consumption the smart meter trial will be far more effective at helping Wellington Water detect and fix leaks, prioritize fixes according to the size of the leak, and help conserve precious water for the region.

With Advizzo’s help Wellington Water will also be able to assess any changes in the way that households consume water during the trial and how best to communicate with customers about their water usage.

Advizzo’s customer information hub will go live in early 2022 once the majority of smart meters in Greytown have been installed.


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