Here at Advizzo our mission is to change the way that people think about their electricity, gas and water consumption. We want to help citizens cut their consumption to help reduce waste, emissions and preserve natural resources to protect our planet.

We work with water and energy providers across the globe, from New Zealand and Australia, South and North American to the Middle East and across Europe – providing customer engagement solutions based on Data Science and Behavioral Science, to help them help their customers reduce consumption and adopt more sustainable behaviors. By partnering with us and adopting our platform, services and solutions, we also help water and energy companies we work with drastically reduce their own waste – wasted data, wasted time, wasted resources, wasted money and wasted efforts!

Here are five ways our customer engagement solutions help water and energy providers to reduce waste:


  • Reduce wasted data

Most utilities aren’t currently making the most of the precious data collected by smart meters. That data is a goldmine of information and insights, but thanks to more pressing priorities or a lack of in-house expertise and resources, the data sits languishing, waiting to be collated, modelled and fed back to customers. This impacts customers’ ability to make the most of their own data and their trust in their supplier.

We help utilities unlock their data’s potential and create a portfolio of valuable insights that helps improve in-house productivity, as well as create personalized customer experiences for better customer engagement, retention and growth.

Discover how we help utilities generate value from smart meter data.

  • Reduce wasted efforts

When marketing or promotional campaigns return poor results it’s often down to a lack of data based segmentation for campaigns, which means the campaigns are falling on deaf ears. It’s also down to ineffective User Experience (UX) design. We can help identify and segment customer groups for more targeted marketing – which delivers successful results.

In our blog why a user-led customer experience is key for sustainable growth we explain how a user-led customer experience can help improve customer loyalty and trust. We also demonstrate how our solutions enhance a utility company’s data to identify and segment customer groups. This helps drive higher value in marketing and product promotion efforts by guaranteeing that the right customers are being targeted with the right messages and offers, thereby vastly improving conversion rates. You can read more about it in our blog – Advizzo steps up to support utilities product promotion efforts.

At the same time, our ability to identify and segment customer groups can help utilities identify vulnerable customers who may require additional support. At a time when more and more customers are being pushed into fuel poverty and stress – never has this been more important. Discover how our solutions help utilities support low income customers.

  • Reduce wasted resources

As energy prices continue to rise and the water crisis becomes more critical, maximizing the use of every unit – whether that’s Litres of water or KwH of energy, is critical. Our widgets alongside our personalized audits and communications enables utilities to identify any wastage. With improved customer engagement and awareness, water leaks and pollution events are more quickly identified.

At the heart of our services and solutions is our desire and ability to help customers control their consumption – and empower everyone to meet Net Zero commitments. Discover how we can nudge customers to better manage consumption and carbon footprint.

Our SaaS platform and software solutions also include a powerful tool that Customer Relationship Management teams and Customer Service Field Agents can use daily – saving a great deal of time and effort whilst improving customer engagement and satisfaction. If you want to reduce call duration with easy access to customer information and insights, then we’ve got just the tools for you. Find out how we can help your customer service teams reduce wasted effort.

  • Reduce wasted time

With a climate emergency declared by most countries around the world, there’s no more time to waste – we need to empower customers to change behaviors/habits today to reduce and optimize water and energy consumption and associated carbon footprint.

Advizzo’s SaaS customer engagement solution is both faster and cheaper to run than traditional solutions or building in-house – which enables both increased agility and reductions in Cost To Serve. Why don’t you invest in proven customer-led solutions so you don’t waste precious time? Don’t wait for tomorrow, empower your customers to change today!

  • Reduce wasted money

There’s a temptation for utilities to think they can do everything themselves, in-house, but the reality is Behavioral Science and Data Science are complex subjects/disciplines. Using API’s ready to personalize your customer experience may save utilities a substantial amount of money, as well as ensuring a ROI and Go-To Market within days, not months. Find out why buying an off-the-shelf platform will save you a great deal of money.

Contact us for a free assessment of where we may be able to save you money and avoid waste! Get in touch today!