We were privileged to participate in the recent Global Smart Water Metering and Intelligent Data Utilisation Congress held in London in March, where leading experts from around the world convened to explore advancements in smart metering technology and the opportunities they present. Our presentation, led by Clement Lapeyre, Head of Customer Experience at Advizzo, and Zoe-May Jones, Project Manager at Severn Trent Water, shed light on innovative approaches to combat water waste and enhance customer engagement on a large scale. In this blog, we’ll delve into key takeaways from our presentation and the wealth of insights shared during the event.

Our session, titled ‘Use of Metering Data to Combat Water Waste in Business: Delivering More Sustainable Impact and Customer Engagement at Scale,’ underscored the pivotal role of personalised customer experiences in fostering more sustainable practices. We emphasised how our behavioural science-based approach empowers suppliers, like Severn Trent Water, with greater control over data while guiding customers on their sustainability journey.

Highlighting our collaboration with Severn Trent, we showcased the success of our customer engagement programmes in driving awareness about smart meters, improving conversion rates and reducing water consumption. Through behavioural insights gleaned from smart meter data, we have empowered Severn Trent’s customers to identify and rectify leaks and reduce their usage. This has resulted in significant water savings equivalent to 1,250 bathtubs a day. What’s more, an impressive 8 out of 10 customers actively engage frequently with our online platform, which we believe emphasises the growing importance customers place on water efficiency.

The congress provided a platform for industry leaders to share valuable insights, reinforcing the imperative for the water sector to embrace smarter practices. We wanted to share eight key takeaways that resonated throughout the event:

Addressing water scarcity: Water suppliers across the world are struggling with rising water scarcity. This requires a paradigm shift in policy and market changes, emphasising the need for widespread smart meter deployment and proactive customer engagement to mitigate waste.

Smart meter deployment value: UK water suppliers are gearing up for the mass deployment of smart water meters over the AMP years.

Impact of SaaS solutions: Solutions like ours are recognised for their cost effectiveness in managing data at scale, offering personalised experiences and addressing data challenges inherent in metering systems.

Workforce challenges: Concerns regarding workforce scarcity and potential competition underscore the importance of fostering a sense of purpose and passion to overcome challenges in meter installation and leak detection.

Criticality of customer engagement: Personalised customer engagement is paramount in motivating sustainable behaviour and fostering efficiency.

Key focus areas for water suppliers: Smart installations, leak detection and customer satisfaction emerged as primary objectives across the industry, with success stories like Severn Trent Water setting the benchmark.

Demand for insights: Water suppliers must seek actionable insights spanning portfolio management, consumption analytics, leakage detection, and customer interactions in order to drive operational efficiency.

Feedback from attendees highlighted high material content with the congress seen as a great platform for advancing smart water metering and intelligent data utilisation. By harnessing innovative technologies and fostering meaningful customer engagement, the water industry is poised to tackle challenges head-on and pave the way for a more sustainable future. Let us help you get started on your journey to a more sustainable future. Talk to us today and let’s trial a pilot customer engagement programme with you!