In a world where data drives decisions, smart meters play a pivotal role in modernizing energy and water systems. More and more utilities decide to leverage Software as a Service solutions to better connect with their customers. By combining data science, cloud computing, and behavioural insights, Advizzo helps energy and water companies empower consumers to make more informed choices about their energy and water consumption. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Advizzo’s innovative approach unlocks value from smart meter data and improves customer engagement.

1. The Value of Smart Meter Data

Smart meters provide near-real-time information on energy and water usage. Advizzo’s SaaS platform leverages this data to deliver personalized home reports, enabling consumers to:

  • Understand Usage better: Advizzo builds individual customer profiles based on half-hourly data. These profiles capture consumption patterns, household details, and usage insights to help users take
  • Receive Personalized Tips: Advizzo’s platform evolves over time, offering only relevant tips and actions. Whether it’s encouraging off-peak energy usage or promoting water conservation, the goal is to drive and track behaviour change progresses.
  • Multi-Channel Engagement: Advizzo helps drive customers communications via email, mail, and other channels like voice assistants, ensuring more effective engagement.

2. Bridging the Gap with Consumers

Advizzo focuses on bridging the gap between utility companies and consumers. Here’s how:

  • Targeted Messaging: Advizzo tailors messages to persuade consumers about the advantages of smart meters. By emphasizing social norms, environmental impact, and real-time monitoring, they drive better acceptance.
  • Behavioural Insights: Subgroups of consumers are identified, allowing utilities to target them with personalized messages. For example, encouraging energy-efficient practices or water conservation with different messages for more vulnerable customers.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Personalized experiences lead to higher customer satisfaction, reduced churn, and potential revenue growth.

3. Impact Operational Efficiency

Advizzo’s SaaS platform not only enhances customer engagement but also improves operational efficiency for utility companies:

  • Cost Control: By leveraging behavioural science and data insights, Advizzo helps reduce operational costs by approximately 20%1. For instance, call volume reduction for bill inquiries leads to streamlined customer service operations.
  • Data Control: Advizzo’s platform provides utilities with better control over their data. Enriching meter and billing data with third-party information allows for more accurate segmentation of customers based on behavioural traits.
  • Campaign Optimization: Utilities gain insights into customer usage and behaviours, enabling them to track and optimize campaigns effectively. Faster customer service interactions and positive customer experiences contribute to overall operational efficiency.

Advizzo’s innovative approach to smart meter data analysis empowers utilities to deliver value, engage customers, and drive energy efficiency. As the rollout of smart meters continues, Advizzo remains at the forefront of unlocking the untapped potential of data-driven sustainability.

1: Advizzo. “Operational cost reduction by ~20% (e.g., call volume reduction for bill inquiries).” Link