LONDON, UK – 9th January 2019 – Advizzo, a behavioural science software company, today announces it has received a grant from the Newton Fund to back a 24-month industrial project in Brazil. The project is designed to improve customer experience and access to water.

Despite having the world’s largest fresh water reserves, access to clean water remains a challenge among many Brazilian households. Many people either cannot afford to connect to the water network or simply do not believe in the value of being connected. This lack of clean water access often leads to many health issues. Additionally, the amount of fraud and delinquency related to water services also impacts the operational capacity of the utilities themselves.

Advizzo seeks to address the challenges by developing a cloud-based consumer engagement solution, aimed at the Brazilian utility market. The data-centric approach combines behavioural science and data science to predict where challenges such as poor water access, fraud and financial delinquency occur, and provide actionable insights to tackle these issues. These insights are then delivered through ‘nudges’ via a customised personalised platform.

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The project will improve consumer engagement with Brazilian utilities, reducing debt amongst customers and increasing access to clean water. This proven approach has been adopted in other global projects, with Anglian Water in the UK and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) in United Arab Emirates among its advocates.

Commenting on the grant, Julien Lancha, CCO, Advizzo says: “Brazilian utilities are advancing rapidly in the way they serve and engage with their end customers. They have identified important issues to improve the experiences and lives of their customers that are relevant to their unique cultural context. We are therefore thrilled to be working with them to develop a custom solution that is adaptive to this new climate.”

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