Introducing Advizzo’s end-to-end marketing solution

These days marketers can reach their customers via a multitude of different channels. We’re talking social media, print marketing, email marketing, website, referral channels such as directories and comparison sites, as well as media advertising, mobile ads, voice, chatbots and pay-per-click, to name but a few.

Analyzing the performance and results of these channels is absolutely critical, but most tools don’t offer much more than open and click-through rates. So how do you know which ones are performing best for which audiences, which to invest more time and money in, and what to tweak to optimize performance rates?

More recently, energy and water companies have shifted away from simple supplier mode, to a service provider model, which has far greater emphasis on helping customers adopt more sustainable behaviors, such as being more water efficient or adopting a new energy saving product.

According to an Enervee survey, this shift reflects the rise of the conscious consumer – with 90% of the 600K energy customers surveyed agreeing that they should be using energy efficient appliances – and more than 80% saying they think their supplier is crucial in helping them make better choices1.

The pitfalls of utility analytics

Whilst an email campaign can reveal click-through rates from a call-to-action, it may not always track the customer behaviour all the way through to specific engagement behaviors, such as selecting specific actions from a tailored action plan; the adoption/purchase of a water or energy saving device; or a change in behavior that results in reduced consumption.

Likewise, response rates from paper-based communications can be very difficult to track so innovation is often required to improve Return On Investment (ROI) over time. For example, Advizzo proved that in some cases, paper reports sent by post drive more savings than email.

A study by Jaywing recently found that 73% of telecommunications and utilities marketers rank improving their customer contact strategy as the top priority for data-driven marketing2. The problem is that marketing channels aren’t integrated into the utilities’ main engagement channels and IT and marketing teams are working independently of each other.

Advizzo’s complete end-to-end utility marketing solution:

Omnichannel campaigns + end-to-end engagement analytics = Complete View of the Customer

Now more than ever, a Single Customer View (SCV) is essential to improving customer engagement and marketing campaign performance. Advizzo’s omni-channel customer engagement campaigns deliver personalized communications (based on smart meter data) direct to individual customers, via email, web and paper-based post.

Our SaaS platform for water and energy suppliers provides a complete end-to-end marketing delivery and analytics solution, with customer responses to campaigns measured alongside actions taken, linked to consumption based on smart meter data insights and analytics. This way we can define whether a campaign effectively contributed to a level of active customer engagement and linked with possible consumption change.

Our utility analytics reporting software delivers campaign results and insights across the business, integrating directly with customer service software to ensure customer touch points are kept up-to-speed in real-time with customer actions.

Adapt actions according to results for better decision making

Advizzo’s utility analytics portal offers end-to-end tracking of customer engagement, so water and energy companies can measure, not just responses to a campaign, but also actions taken online  – whether that’s responding to specific nudges, completing a virtual home audit, accepting a free retrofit, taking up a product or service offering or changing consumption habits.

Remove risk of wasted marketing efforts and budget

Our behavioral science based approach to customer engagement helps identify and remove the risk of wasted marketing effort. Our Management Analytics Portal enables utility marketers to identify key customer segments based on behavioral attributes, for example, high or low consumer, digitally engaged or paper-enthusiast, etc.

These insights enable better campaign selection, the removal of customers with low conversion potential or at a high risk of leaving, and increased probability of customer adoption/conversion. For example, the Management Analytics Portal can help identify and create new campaigns that will drive more change in usage or conversion rate for a new Best Next Action, such as switching to LED lighting which reduces usages by x5 compared to traditional halogen bulbs.

More and more energy and water companies are embracing SaaS tools. Are you ready to optimize your marketing campaigns and efforts with a complete end-to-end customer engagement solution? Then book a demo today and get in touch. We’d love to help you!

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