Optimize your water resources management

Digital meter roll-out is still in its infancy in Australia. To date many water utilities have mainly implemented digital water metering projects on a pilot basis. Water authorities need to be able to justify the commitment for the capital expenditure required by having a clear understanding of the potential benefits of digital meters as compared with conventional water meters. We take a look at some of those benefits and demonstrate how we can help water authorities prove the business case for digital meter rollout.

Australia is rapidly heading towards a water crisis. Thanks to a rapidly growing population, its dry climate and its propensity for droughts, the country’s water consumption routinely exceeds its capacity to rely on its freshwater supply. We looked at the causes of Australia’s water shortage and some of the measures being put in place to address the crisis in our blog Addressing Australia’s growing water problem’.

Optimize water resources management

Management of water resources is crucial to safeguarding the country’s water supply. Utilized effectively, the high resolution and frequent water consumption data that digital water meters provide can deliver massive opportunities and benefits in relation to improving water conservation.

Where conventional water meters have to be physically read on a quarterly basis, which is both labor and time intensive, only adequate for billing purposes, and provides limited information on actual water use behavior, digital water meters allow water authorities to access water meter readings remotely and at a much higher frequency.

The ability to collect and analyse water use data in this way can help water companies to identify leaks and flow issues, provide customers with more accurate bills, and monitor and extend the life of infrastructure assets. With real time data at their fingertips, water companies can also improve customer engagement and have the potential to cause significant change in water use behavior patterns. The benefits to customers, to suppliers and to water conservation efforts are immense!

Let Advizzo help you to get maximum results from your digital water meter pilot and prove the business case for increasing the roll-out of the program.

Introducing Advizzo’s home usage reports

Advizzo specializes in taking smart meter data and harnessing the power of behavioral science to create unique customer engagement solutions that are proven to help water and energy customers to better understand their usage and motivate them to make changes to reduce their consumption. Our SaaS platform is currently serving one million people across the world.

Our customer facing software uses behavioral science to understand and trigger customer engagement by delivering personalized home usage reports direct to customers. The reports are designed to trigger behavioral changes to reduce consumption and maximise water savings. This approach is proven to achieve a 4% reduction in water usage – which equates to a $180m saving for the water utility over 25 years.

Our use of personalized and timely behavioral messages across multiple channels – for example, the web, email or text messages are also proven to build customer engagement, confidence and trust – improving the customer experience.  With more information collated on customers and with trust built, it’s far easier for a supplier to improve its targeted marketing and sales of related products and services – increasing revenue, thanks to data and data science!

Discover how Yarra Valley in Melbourne is working with Advizzo to demonstrate that customer engagement, using behavioral science techniques, can decrease water consumption for customers with digital water meters – thereby increasing water conservation.

Do you want to make full use of the data your digital water meter pilot is generating? Are you ready to optimize the program, achieve maximum results and prove the business case for roll-out? Then talk to us today!