Advizzo’s years of experiments prove nudge theory helps water use efficiency

The chief executive of the Environment Agency has warned that England could be just 25 years away from not having enough water to meet demand and is facing the “jaws of death”. Delivering his keynote speech at the annual WaterWise conference in 2019, Sir James Bevan put water conservation top of the agenda, saying that water companies all identified climate change as “the biggest operating risk” in their business plans for PR19 (Price Review 2019).

The challenge for water companies is to make 40% improvements on current levels of water consumption in order to meet their per capita consumption (PCC) reduction target. This ambitious target will deliver the demand reductions that the National Infrastructure Assessment (NIC) recommend, by achieving a national average PCC of 118 l/h/d by 2050 – the equivalent to a reduction in volume of 1,379 Ml/d from 2020/21.

How the nudge theory improves water use efficiency

For the last six years, Advizzo has been working with water companies across the globe, proving that our behavioral science based customer engagement programs can achieve water use efficiency targets.

We have been running some of the largest experiments in reducing water consumption with customer engagement programs based on the nudge theory. The nudge theory works by encouraging people to choose one option over another simply by making it easier for them, without removing the element of choice. Discover how the nudge theory can help you improve your customers’ water use efficiency.

Since 2015, we’ve worked with a number of water companies including the Dubai Electricity and Water Company (DEWA), Melbourne based Yarra Valley, as well as Anglian Water, South East Water and more recently, Yorkshire Water in the UK.

Get ready for water saving tips success

The findings of a recent assessment of customers engaged in Advizzo’s Customer Engagement Programs, demonstrate that providing utility customers with personalized water saving tips and advice on how to reduce energy and water consumption, produces a clear shift in customer engagement with their supplier and motivates behavioral changes that can produce water and energy savings of up to 3% a year.

Nathan Richardson, Head of Policy at Waterwise, commented, “In a digital age consumers expect a far higher level of service and access to information to help them make day to day decisions quickly. Having water use data at your fingertips alongside targeted and useful nudges to help you save water is the way forward.”

Read the results of our survey and discover how Advizzo can help you improve water use efficiency and hit your water conservation targets.

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